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Cleveland Fresh is an Urban Agriculture operation that focuses on REconnecting people BACK to nature through the growing process of microgreens. Microgreens are baby vegetable greens and herbs that grow indoors in a controlled environment within 5-20 days depending on the crop. This stage of plant life is small but mighty as research shows that they are packed with 30 to 60x more nutrition than its adult size. Cleveland Fresh’s mission is to increase food access while decreasing food deserts in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 2018 Cleveland Fresh has planted many seeds in different spaces in order to add as a resource to  five Organizations, four Public Schools,  two Private Schools, one University, three Community Colleges, two Libraries, and 15 Entrepreneurs. Our business is currently focusing on growing and distributing microgreens to/at eight restaurants,four private chefs, five CSA’s and two Farmers Markets.

Image by Joshua Lanzarini
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Cleveland Fresh is family owned and operated.


We are a family of 5 that are native to Cleveland Ohio. We are almost always together. You can find us at our grow space together growing and searching the internet for new hacks! We enjoy playing court at dinner time and discussing real life events that impact families. 


Tanisha: I am the founder of Cleveland Fresh. My love for food has led me to grow it and to educate others around sustainability for themselves, family and community. I am usually working on different projects from educating youth, speaking, and even starting gardens in communities. Set a time to tour the “farm” and to purchase your local microgreens.


Darien: Is always building or fixing something. He is “that man” on the farm always figuring it out. He is a die hard Cleveland Sports fan his motto is always home team! On his off time he is with our boys teaching them an extra sports skill. He is also the director of a Cleveland baseball little league. 


Dariel: Dariel is our oldest son he is our go to for tech and troubleshooting projects and programs. He is usually watching a basketball game or researching a new technique for basketball. Squash is his main sport and no it's not the vegetable. He is a silent genius when it comes to agriculture and math! 


DeManny: DeManny is our artist at hand. He is the founder of Cleveland Wavy Drip and BEE Cool. Cleveland Wavy Drip is his art business where he hand creates all his unique pieces with his own style of drip. BEE Cool is his honey bee keeping business where we plan to have hives at the farm and be able to extract our honey locally. 


DeAnthony: Our youngest DeAnthony also known as “No-No” is also a business minded young man. He is usually with our animals on the farm and at home. He loves caring for the animals as the animals love him caring for them. He is the founder of Puppy Love, a small business that cares and loves puppy while you need a moment to shop.


Catching Up With Us

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