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Cleveland Fresh focused on the present and future of community health through Urban Agriculture.

Cleveland Fresh's vision is to reconnect individuals back to nature and meet people where they are in locations that lack Nutrional food access. Our mission at Cleveland Fresh is to increase healthy food access by decreasing food swamps. Cleveland Fresh is a women-owned, minority-owned, and family-operated business. We specialize in indoor/ vertical farming. Our main crops are microgreens, which are baby vegetables/herbs that grow within 5-30 days and are 30- 60x more nutritious. Cleveland Fresh helps restructure gardens to be sustainable and raise money to create stipends for individuals who want to be leaders in community gardens that will help feed their families and their community. 

Our company has been able to establish seven community gardens in Cleveland and develop partnerships with schools, elementary through college.  Our goal is to be a community resource and raise awareness of the medicinal aspect of microgreens and overall health to start changing the way we heal our bodies and minds. 

Cleveland Fresh is proud to serve and represent minority and refugee communities which in many cases have fewer choices for healthier foods. We look forward to continuing to grow our business and providing healthy, tasty, and fresh options to the Cleveland area.

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