Its been a while!

Its been over a month since I posted anything. Going to be more consistent, Its a great month. We won the competition that the Hispanic Business Center was having. Well two other business also won. Their will be a bodega in the third space of Las Tienditas on the corner of Seymore and w.25th st. Next to that their is an empty lot and my business along with a flower shop will be in a trailer.

The trailer is about 12 x 56, I cant tell you how exited I am we are hoping to be opened by January 2019. So now we have a grow space which was very concerning for chefs since they sometimes want to visit the "farm". We are still working on how to get it to place or what would be ok for the CIty of Cleveland to approve, so if you have any info in this topic please let me know.

Currently I have been volunteering every Wednesday at the boys school at garden club. Its a group about 25 kids, yes 25 we did pumpkin carving yesterday it was fun. Its great to see kids interested in so much about where food comes from or how can you turn this little seed into something that they are going to eat. I'm exited for garden club but what I'm more exited is for indoor garden club. We will be doing microgreens, Hydroponics and a lot of other indoor gardening. I'm writing some grants for them because the tools they use are adult size and they have a regular garden class thats for 500 kids that are in pre k till 8th grade. So those tools are hard to manage and their donor older tools. But I encourage to ask your teacher, principle about starting a school garden its so beneficial to kids health, education, and of course our environment.

Other things that I have done are become a member of the HBC chambers of commerce, I have received a small business certificate, and I'm in my last class of master gardener so I'm almost done. Their are so many things I would love to do and all I want to do is feed the world. I'm on a mission and its a one step at a time just being positive and staying focus on running threw that finish line. All things are possible just don't waste time, read and educate yourself and stay focus we will change the world one person at a time.

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