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From the beginning; How did you get started?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and landing on Cleveland Fresh.

People always ask me how I got to this right! How did I get to start growing microgreens in Cleveland, Oh? Well this picture is not an accurate picture of when I started but why I started.

I started in 2017 when Hurricane Maria nearly destroyed the Island of Puerto Rico.

One questioned changed my whole life's route. Kind of like when you take the wrong turn and you hear the GPS telling you "reroute" or "make a you turn." The question was how do you bounce back from agriculture?

Launch of Cleveland Fresh

In that quest for the answer Darien and I my high school sweet heart now 17 years in said try the bathtub. Well, this story always get people weirded out but the bathtub is an old claw foot tub. Way to heavy to move when we purchased the home we inherited the bathtub in the basement. Unused for who knows how many years we decided to try it. We started to pour soil while laughing "we are crazy for this". Then planted some sprouted potatoes and "walla" a dash of water, some lights. Within some weeks we saw the potatoes sprouting up we even planted carrots.

Why Microgreens?

From that curiosity grew so much more!(pun intended) I could not help how I felt being in the soil, the way the sun felt, the understanding of nurturing something to grow in abundance in order to feed my family and I. I HAD TO STICK TO THIS! But then I needed to learn more, which lead me to another question what are quick growing crops?

After so much searching, googling and book reading I came to the conclusion I am going to grow microgreens.

I remember growing our first tray of microgreens the chosen crop to try was radishes. It took 3 days for it to sprout and another two days to get to full size microgreen. This was my moment and I was going to keep it going. Never as a child did my mother make me try \radish so that alone was new to me. I can tell you that radish in its microgreen form is much spicier and tastier than its adult form.

Recipe suggestion of the week!

Radishes are amazing on tacos. It add an extra spice and freshness that is out of this world.

I usually do my pico de gallo (salsa) home made.

4 tomatoes chop

1/2 your onion of choice I like using the red ones to make the salsa have extra color.

1/2 a cup of Cleveland's Fresh Cilantro or your store bought one :)

a pinch of salt or to your tasting

1/2 a lemon juice

Create your favorited taco toppings and add the Radish to your master piece.

You just added 30x the nutrition to your taco by choosing the radish microgreens.

Have you had radish microgreens?

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This is us!

Thank you and don't forget to subscribe and follow us on all social media platforms.

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