Somedays I want to QUIT!

Straight forward title huh! Yes as all of us in this world, somedays I just want to stay in bed and just quit at everything. Do we take on to much at a time in a day maybe. But we have to "keep pushing" right we have to be adults, we have to pay the bills. Geesh well I don't want to adult today. Starting this business I would have never thought for it to be so challenging. I mean c'mon everybody on youtube is "crushing" the business right? Well yeah maybe but no one sees the struggles, the let down, and the NO's. We all get the pretty picture of them "crushing" the business.

I have been to festivals, I have look threw local magazines for restaurants, I have emailed famous chefs in Cleveland, and I have given out many samples of my microgreens but no new orders. My plan starting this business was "oh I'm going to quit my day job by September" well jokes on me.

What a rant I know!

I have ONE client, one client that orders weekly. I mean I didn't think I would be an overnight success but I would love to have at least five clients. The let down of being told no makes me just want to rip everything apart and say ahhh what is all of this for? Who do I think I am to try to do something different? To risk my families time on this idea, this dream I have. But did yall know one of my heroes Rachel Hollis took thirteen years to be where she is today THIRTEEN years. Love IS patient. She started making countless blogs, recipe books,and how to videos. She wrote her first book that got denied by every publisher she talk to, had to self publish her book and made it in the New York best seller list. Not once but multiple time New York best seller. Also on the 30 entrepreneur before 30 list. She is awesome I listen to her Rise podcast on a daily I highly recommend.

Listening to her podcast, reading and listening to her book Girl wash your face I have learned not everything comes easy. When things get hard because trust me they will, you will fail, you will forget, you will pass out on your spouse because you are dead tired. When these challenges happen just learn the value of that lesson.

Also your reason why? My reason why would definitely be my boys I do this for them, I do this for more time to be active in their school, I do this for Darien and I to have more freedom to annoy him but most importantly I do this for ME!

Why am I more importantly because this is my legacy, my dream, my goals, my life this is who I am and who I want to become. Besides being an entrepreneur another goal I have is to become a philanthropist. To give back to the community that molded me into who I am. Currently I'm going threw OSU extension to become a Master Gardener Volunteer in community gardens to help promote agriculture back into our lives. I also have applied and got approved to start my own community garden which I am extremely excited about and can not wait to start planning.

-------------------------------------Plans for Cleveland Fresh------------------------------------------------------

Today is a special day because we got a special order from my one and only client Johnny's Bar on Fulton. It's a milestone for Cleveland Fresh our micro basil have been put on the menu for their five course wine tasting dinner tonight. Chef Joe and his team are a pleasure to work with, and their art of cooking is amazing. I mean homemade pasta, homemade bread, homemade sauce, they grow their own tomatoes in the summer, basil, and banana peppers what more can you ask from an Italian local restaurant. One day I will be able to give you a more legit review when I will be able to sit down and enjoy a dinner date with Darien. (Hints to Darien) A special shout out to Tracy for connecting both business together and I will always be appreciative of all your support.

We are also working on our label for a retail space. Focusing on pricing, and better watering methods for our crops. Also re arranging our grow area, with new lights to make it more effective. We are scheduling volunteer hours at UCS to educate city kids about new innovative ways to grow their own foods indoor. If any one has a volunteering opportunity for Cleveland Fresh to spread the word about MIcrogreens please do not hesitate to email me at

Thank you always for your time and please any comments, questions or concerns are more than welcome always have a great day.

Learn, Love, Teach,

Tanisha Velez

Micro Basil

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