The start of Cleveland Fresh

I have always wanted to create a business that makes a difference in the world we live in today. It might be impossible to change the world at one time or just one person but i always dreamed of making a difference in the community I was born in nd raised at. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio so I wanted to be a part of the uplifting of my city.

Now I'm a 26 year old with three boys 3,5,and 9 years old. I have been with my high school sweetheart for 12 years now so to say the least I want my family to be healthy. Since I am the one that shops for our food with help from Darien controlling the kids while we go isle by isle and they trying to fill the cart with junk. I want to make healthy choices. One day we started to look at our finances and we seen that in one month we spent five hundred dollars eating out. I wept on how sad that was all this time we were wondering where is our money and yes we were eating it bite by bite how sad!

So after that sad and depressing fined we decided enough with the eating out we are going to go grocery shopping.Oh yeah because that five hundred was just EATING OUT money not GROCERY MONEY that was an extra three hundred.

To the grocery store it was, we go weekly and I cook daily I LOVE TO COOK. In my kitchen I feel like a chef on the cooking channel that voice in my head is repeating everything to the imaginary camera. Call me crazy if you want too but I have a love for cooking, feeding my family, and the art. My love for cooking is so big I would love to open a restaurant one day but first I want to learn how to grow my own food. I'm on a mission to feeding the world or at least put my footprint in this FOOD REVOLUTION! There seems to be a revolution for everything now a days but to me this is one that hits home. So many kids are looking for food daily, the homeless man at the exit of the freeway "will work for food." The soup kitchen sometimes run out of food, the obesity rate is at its highest and oh juvenile diabetes has 200k cases a year. Like I said I have 3 boys to look after, watch them grow, love them and of course provide the best of what I can as a mother. These concerns were what made me want to become part of growing food.

Now we all know it takes time to grow food. First we have to till, then we have to add nutrients, soil test have to made for lead, plant the seeds, water and about two to three MONTH you have your sexy vegetable as my OSU teachers call it. You know we live in the right now eras so "we don't have time for that." Im Puerto Rican and very proud of course. After what happened in the island last year it was horrible no food, water or electricity. I could only imagine if we ever ran into something like that how would we eat the time frame it would take to grow and re establish our food system. That also inspired me to figure out a quick solution to a concern of mine time. By growing the microgreens they are ready from planting to harvest in 7 tp 20 days depending on the crop. I love what I do and I love why I do it. At Cleveland Fresh we always appreciate every single support, all the likes, share, buys, everything because you are helping with a bigger cause.

Just a little back story to why I started this company in the first place.

On April 2018 I decided to started a company called Cleveland Fresh and we grow microgreen here in Cleveland, Ohio. What are microgreens? They are veggies or herbs that are harvested in the second stage of life of the plant. They are not sprouts, with sprout you eat the root, the seed hull and greens. Microgreens are grown in soil and are harvested above the soil so you would not eat the seed hulls or the roots.

Now can we talk about how much better these are then the adult versions. I hate broccoli I was never forced to eat them when I was little but now I cut some broccoli microgreens and add it to a sandwich walah no more hate broccoli. When I grow radish microgreens we put those on our tacos, or even mac and cheese. They add a spice to the dish and it has such freshness to it. When I google how much more nutritional they are it says "40x" than its regular adult version. There has been studies in major Universities that say they are shown to help with cancer, diabetes and obesity. Why is this? The seed has so much nutrition in itself that when it is growing its using its own nutrients, not like adult plants you kinda have to give it something to be more productive and successful.

Its a power punch of flavor, nutrition, and beauty all in one little plant.

Our microgreens are grown indoors in a controlled environment its around 72 degrees. Their lighting is led shop lights on racks and have a nice breeze coming from a desk fan. The time frame to grow these tiny plants range from 7 to 20 days depending on the crop. The kinds of microgreens we grow at Cleveland Fresh is radish, sunflower shoots, pea shoots, parsley, cilantro, purple cabbage, basil, mustard, and we also do wheat grass. Please sign up to our page for more news about our business. I appreciate it always.

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