We Finally Hit The Jackpot!

It's been 90days since we have been at our new location at 2406 Professor ave in Tremont.

So many things I can go on and talk about but what are things I want to enlighten you with today as you read this? I will talk about winning the jackpot. Well not literally because if that was the case I would have someone else write this out while I was on an island somewhere unknown to the outside world. But the jackpot of winning as a small business small steps!

As we took on the retail space we had zero knowledge of what we were getting into. My father and mother plus my part-time job have been the majority investor in this business since we took on the shop. Darien and I have been dragging the kids all through this process, they have been learning about packaging, labeling, connections, collaborations, marketing. No loans no grants sadly. We are living in a moment that nothing is for sure right? I mean when has anything been for sure. But we took it on anyway!

The first month it was getting settled in and handing out free samples of our microgreens. We grow over 10 different varieties we thought hey when this operation was at home we had all kinds of people inquiring about our microgreens. Now it's letting those same customers and others know that we are now in a public space.

***Continue 1/5/20 because I just don't have quiet time to write with 3 boys around ALL THE TIME!***

2020 was the year for sure we risk our minds, family, finances, and health. It has been a journey that was worth walking on we have learned so much from each other from the business. We have now been in business for five-month. Not much has changed especially with the virus going around. I understand people are worried about stepping out during this time. Thats why Cleveland Fresh has come up with a subscription model one that we can deliver to you weekly to your doorsteps or you can arrange pick up at the shop.

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